Old Tucson where the old west comes alive and Sabino Canyon

A Kiwi living in Brighton

Old Tucson

Our next stop was near Tucson where we spent a few days visiting Old Tucson and hiking at Sabino Canyon. I really like Westerns so Old Tucson was for me like being a small kid in a candy shop. It was like stepping back in time to the wild west but without the dirt, smells and danger of being shot. I grew up watching Westerns and one of my favourites was the High Chaparral and it was great to wander the set. All day there are activities with actors playing gunfighter’s, saloon girl dancing and singing, stagecoach rides, silly rides in gas operated cars or just wandering around the town and the old sets of movies and tv series. We had a great day out at Old Tucson. It cost $17 each and it was money well spent. At the beginning of the day you get a piece…

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An idiots guide to a safe and comfortable trip in Vietnam

Just thinking about the great time we had in Vietnam and for anyone heading there hopefully these tips might be useful

A Kiwi living in Brighton

Having survived a month in Vietnam I thought it might be useful to give people a few tips on safety and comfort. The traffic and especially all the scooters is a bit daunting at first, but there is a method to the madness. I always liked to time my crossing the road with another Vietnamese pedestrian and follow their lead or to just go boldly forward albeit slowly and not stopping. I never felt unsafe in Vietnam during our trip and of course you take the usual precautions, not leaving phones on tables at restaurants or bags unattended. Keep your bag close to your body when walking around or strapped in front as my wife does with her purse.


We found that Vinasun taxis were the best to use. Never had a problem with meters being turned on and the drivers were all polite. The taxis are in Saigon…

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Week 51 – Land of Extremes – Delhi, India

Great first week in India

52 Weeks

‘Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.’

[How this works is, each week, I will write to someone on my list, picked randomly and I will post it online on this blog – just in case the letter doesn’t reach its destination.  The letter includes a card with a random quote, which I hope you will enjoy (at the top of this blog page).]

Red Fort Red Fort – red tile

Ack! In less than a month I will be back in England and this years’ adventure will be over. Thank goodness that isn’t today and we’ve made it to India!

India is proving to be a bit more of an enigma to me, as to its movement or vibe – might be a better word? In other words, my time in East Asia was easier to get my footing on arrival, here, its taking me a bit longer and I…

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Week 49 – Temple Raiding – Siem Rep, Cambodia

Great week in Siem Reap temple exploring

52 Weeks

‘Lord, I can’t say it in words…can you please just listen through my heart?’

[So, how this works is each week I will write to someone on my list, picked randomly and I will post it online on this blog – just in case the letter doesn’t reach it’s destination.  The letter includes a card with a random quote, which I hope you will enjoy (at the top of this blog page).]

Angkor Wat Angkor Wat

This week has just flown by.  We’ve been raiding temples in Siem Rep, it’s like a huge temple historic park.  More temples than we could possibly cover in our time.  Those are just the ones we saw – something  like 17 to 20 temples over 3 days, plus a sunrise at Angkor Wat – the biggest and most well-known.  We’ve learned that there are temples all over Cambodia, it’s just mainly concentrated in Siem…

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Is the Titanic Museum cursed? The story of the broken shoulder on New Years Eve 2013

If you ever visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast, be careful!

A Kiwi living in Brighton

At the end of last year my in-laws came and stayed with us for a few weeks. We decided to visit Ireland going to Dublin and then on to Belfast. It was a great trip with dancing, lots of Guinness and lovely scenery. On arrival in Belfast our luck changed and the curse of the Titanic struck again with my mother-in-law Inga breaking her shoulder in two places on the back steps of the Titanic Museum. The day started well we were in a lovely hotel and walked in sunshine to the museum. That did not last long as the weather got worse by the time we arrived at the museum. We also had taken a bus tour in the morning which was mediocre as the hotel had booked us with the wrong bus company. I digress, before we toured the museum we decided to have lunch at their restaurant…

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West Caribbean Cruise: From RV to Ship

This is a cruise we did in the West Carribbean last year in December. Just been thinking about how much I enjoyed the voyage and visiting Mexico, Rotoan Island and Belize.

A Kiwi living in Brighton


During our month in Florida we were lucky to enjoy a seven-day cruise on the Norwegian Sun. The cruise was with Debbie’s family including her Mum and Dad and brother, Tim, who flew in from Kelowna to Tampa with his wife, Teresa, and children, Cameron and Chelsey. The cruise departed Tampa for seven days stopping at Roatan Island in Honduras, Belize and Mexico with stops at Costa Maya and Cozumel with a few days at sea.

The Norwegian Sun

The Norwegian Sun was built in 2001 and accommodates up to 2000 passengers. Our cabin on the 8th deck was surprisingly spacious and it was so nice to sleep on a real mattress for seven nights. The one thing you will never do on a cruise ship is starve. Whenever you want there is food and it was good. We avoided the speciality restaurants as they all added a surcharge…

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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump visit

Just th.inking about our trip to Canada last year and when we came acorss this UNESCO attraction. Well worth a visit if your in the neighbourhood

A Kiwi living in Brighton

Visiting Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Site

On our way from Calgary Lethbridge a few days ago we visited the World Heritage Site Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. The site opened in 1987 and the interpretative Centre is built into a cliff. The site is located 18 km from Fort Macleod near the foothills of the Rockies and where the Great Plains meet. The Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump site is one of the few places where you can visit to see how Indians before the horses killed buffalo. At this site the Blackfoot used a runner to lure the buffalo over the cliff edge to their death. At the bottom of the cliff the Blackfoot would butcher the bison for food and other uses. Apparently the site got its name from a Blackfoot who wanted to see the buffalo fall so he hid under an overhang to watch the buffalo fall and ended up being…

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