Part 3 of our North America Adventure

The Final Leg

The third part of our adventures in the USA. In the last part of our journey we visited Florida, did a cruise in the Caribbean and then travelled through the panhandle via Texas to eventually California. After leaving Virginia we had a few days in South Carolina and Georgia.

We then went on to Florida where we spent a month. During that month we spent a week driving down in the car to Key West via the Everglades.

We then returned to Orlando for a few days at a Thousand Trails Campground. Then it was a short drive to Tampa and a week-long cruise in the West Caribbean where we visited Rotoan Island, Mexico and Belize.

After the cruise we did my favourite activity in the USA which was to swim with a Manatee. It was just brilliant. Such gentle beasts and with soulful eyes. We then spent Xmas in Jacksonville where I was sick us the proverbial dog for two weeks.

Our last leg was spent visiting Texas where we stayed with the lovely Helen and her pooch Charlie. We then visited several states including Louisiana for New Year, New Mexico and then on to Arizona and finally California. we did a lot visiting Tombstone, driving the Apache Trail, canyon walking in Arizona and boondocking at Quartzite.

After finishing the USA leg of our trip we move on to Australia.

Highlights for me

Swimming with a manatee
Meeting friendly Americans
Deadwood acting Debut
New Mexico and its scenery
Driving the Apache Trail
Yellowstone Grand Canyon
Old Faithful Geyser
Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monuments
Buffalo round up
Boondocking in Arizona
Visiting the Everglades
Air boat ride
Finding the original Yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz in Peekskill
All the lovely swimming pools at campgrounds we visited


Arizona desert and the art of boondocking

My in laws introduced me to the art of boondocking in the Arizona desert. Essentially, you drive into the desert and set up your RV using just generator power and what water you have on board. The place to boondock in Arizona is near Quartzite. Thousands of RVs descend on to this town between the months of November and March. We were there in January and it was overflowing.

I enjoyed my boondocking experience and hope one day to do it again if only for the sunsets and open fires at night. We met with a group of Joe and Inga’s friends and shared dinners and wine. One gentleman, Gerry was 92 years old and still RVing so for those of you who think you’re too old to RV, it is never too late.