Murder, Mayhem & Mrs Christie on the English Riviera – Torquay, England, U.K.

52 Weeks

Bust of Agatha Christie Bust of Agatha Christie

Not many of you may know, but I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie.  She got me hooked on the genre and a few years back, I went to a festival which is devoted to her, her writing and her home in Torquay.  Just pulling into the station feels like you are in another world.

Torquay Our train driver to Torquay

Now, I said that things are changing on the blog and this is the start to part of that change.  I thought I would share more of my travel stories and this is one that came up recently, when I was having one of my ever endearing teas

Agatha Christie My Christie themed tea with a friend – John loves Poirot – wants to get a cane like his!

with a friend who had just been there, so we got to talking… and, to be honest…

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2 thoughts on “Murder, Mayhem & Mrs Christie on the English Riviera – Torquay, England, U.K.

  1. I worked with the Whodunnit Company in the late eighties, and in the Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay Tony and I played a bumbling policeman who spent the weekend at a “Crime writers weekend” with his wrist handcuffed to a chair having “forgotten to bring the key to unlock it” with him” – nwhile I was a cross between Ms. Christie and Miss Marple (and a suspect in the “murders” that took place, playing the age I am now! We stayed at a lovely thirties hotel, the Overton I think, and one of the cast got pushed into the swimming pool – another played a cabaret singer, so evening entertainment was included and we had to sustain our characters wherever we were in the town for forty-eight hours! But Torquay was so old fashioned, it really made for a wonderful atmosphere’ The first whodunit weekend we did was in Cornwall and co-incided with a nasty real life rape=case in the town, so the hotel was crawling with real life policemen = and Tony and I were “plants” in the audience, and were sat with a journalist from Scotland who had to put up with us “quarrelling” all weekend. only used a Welsh accent and I was his horrible wife who nagged him rotten, and was supposed to have come on the mystery weekend having won a prize in the papers! In one scenario in an Elizabethan hotel outside Oxford I murdered him! before getting stabbed myself. I was so concerned about keeping the stage blood off the hotel’s beautiful brand new carpet I forgot to take my M & S popsocks off! NOT very Elizabethan!

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