Worse travel blogger in the history of Earth

Ok I might be exaggerating a tad. However, after a year of blogging I have decided that I am not that good at getting a sizeable following. I have tried all the usual avenues of pininterest, instagram, twitter and a link to a Facebook page at JohnanddebbiesRTWadventures. I think the name of my blog was probably my first mistake. I mean kiwihove.wordpress.com what was I thinking! I also think my blogs must be a bit on the mundane side judging by the number of views I get, although who knows how right are the wordpress gremlin counters.

My wifes blog has 3706 followers versus my paltry 172. Her blog is called 52 weeks, Letters I have written. She wrote a letter each week and sent it to people from wherever we were in the world. I must say we did get to visit lots of different post offices on our travels.

I am not going to give up but over the next few months will have a look at the site and blogs to see where I went wrong! I did have visions of generating an income from the blog but that seems a distant dream. I have read lots of other blogs and how to generate income but keep coming up short. I still haven’t figured out to do the shared affiliate thing. I am sure there are literally thousands of other bloggers in the same leaky boat as me. My wife also likes to point out that my grammar needs to improve and she is completely correct. My other great weakness is understanding IT and making things easier. My next step is to try doing a course and whether I want to change from a com to a org and perhaps rename my site that is something to do with travel might help!


5 thoughts on “Worse travel blogger in the history of Earth

  1. Best of luck to you John! Have you checked out ProBlogger’s blog and podcasts yet? problogger.com I think. After 3 months at it for fun, I decided earlier this week to give blogging a real go. Happened across his blog and have been finding a lot of helpful tidbits for building a brand and an audience. If you’re not giving up (good for you!) does that mean you’ll continue traveling even though your year is up?

  2. Wife here, there are plans afoot to combine our writings into one blog space and I’m now heading up the lead on how to do the travel blogging and make money. So watch this space and you will soon see the results, thanks Jen for the website, will have a lookie loo, when I get my head around the possible changing from a .com to a .org! John forgot to mention, that my blog had already started out before I had even written anything at 3000 followers, as it was an old account I had opened and never really done anything with.

  3. Hi John, are you active on Twitter? I find a lot of my views come from Twitter and adding my posts to sites like Stumbleupon. Don’t give up, I think blogging is more about the pleasure of writing, if people are reading, that’s just a bonus 🙂

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