Is the Titanic Museum cursed? The story of the broken shoulder on New Years Eve 2013

If you ever visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast, be careful!

A Kiwi living in Brighton

At the end of last year my in-laws came and stayed with us for a few weeks. We decided to visit Ireland going to Dublin and then on to Belfast. It was a great trip with dancing, lots of Guinness and lovely scenery. On arrival in Belfast our luck changed and the curse of the Titanic struck again with my mother-in-law Inga breaking her shoulder in two places on the back steps of the Titanic Museum. The day started well we were in a lovely hotel and walked in sunshine to the museum. That did not last long as the weather got worse by the time we arrived at the museum. We also had taken a bus tour in the morning which was mediocre as the hotel had booked us with the wrong bus company. I digress, before we toured the museum we decided to have lunch at their restaurant…

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