Kuranda steam train day trip

Thinking about our upcoming train rides in Vietnam and came across this blog from a much shorter train trip in Queensland

A Kiwi living in Brighton

We visited Australia last year and stayed several days at Port Douglas. On one day we decided to do a day trip on the Kuranda Steam Railway near Cairns. We booked a day tour with a company as we were without a car. The tour was fine and it is a full day with a lovely drive back down to Cairns with a few photo stops along the way. The van dropped several people off at the skytrain terminal for a trip over a rainforest canopy up to Kuranda. We decided not to as I was not interested having done several canopy type trips before and was more interested in the steam train. We went up to Kuranda with the tour guide who met the other people from the Skytrain and takes them to Kuranda and then to the train station for the trip down to Cairns. We spent more…

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