Devils and Delights: A Tasmanian Adventure

Just saw it is raining in Tasmania. Really enjoyed our trip there and hope to get their again one day.

A Kiwi living in Brighton

After a stopover in Melbourne for one night we headed for the Southern most state of Australia, Tasmania, flying into the capital Hobart. We were here for six days to explore a little of what Tasmania has to offer. The accommodation we decided to use was mostly AirBnb and boy was that a great decision. The first two nights we spent at Paul’s in Hobart, his place is literally a few minutes walk from Elizabeth Street and its many restaurants. A bit of a theme was that we seemed stay at people’s places who had dogs which was fun. Hobart was a great city and we mostly just walked around and visited the two highest points to enjoy the views. Luckily, the days we were there the weather was kind. I also visited the Cascade brewery and did a tasting.

The next day we visited the Tahune Air walk. We…

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