Colonial Auckland, Black sand beach and a vist to Rangitoto Island

A Kiwi living in Brighton

Another busy week in Auckland. We left my brother’s place to stay with my niece and her partner in Howick a suburb of Auckland.

Howick Historical Village

The first day we visited the Howick Historical Village and met one of Auckland’s celebrities the Mad Butcher who was doing some filming for a documentary at the village. The village itself is charming and like stepping back into the past without the smells of people living in tents and using outdoor latrines.

Howick Historical Village was established in 1980 as a recreated colonial village in New Zealand. The era it recreates is between 1840-1880 and covers 7 acres. It cost $15 each entry, however we had a 2 for 1 coupon from a book we picked up at tourist information. They have lots of original restored kauri buildings. On the day we visited their was filming for a documentary. If you have…

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