Bucket list for New Zealand

Tomorrow we fly to New Zealand so it seems appropriate that I repost a blog on my bucket list for New Zealand

A Kiwi living in Brighton

A few nights ago in Lethbridge we stayed with Amber and Ewan who are visiting New Zealand later this year. It got me to thinking about what, as a kiwi, I would suggest as a bucket list to visitors. Not to overwhelm people, I have listed five things in the North Island and five things in the South Island I would recommend people visit or do. The lists are not in order of importance but rather progress travelling from Auckland down to Milford Sound.

North Island

1 Visit Rangitoto Island in Auckland Harbour. Rangitoto Island is a dormant volcano. It is a short ferry ride and bring a picnic or some food to enjoy.

2 Visit Waitomo Caves and combine a trip if your feeling adventurous with some blackwater rafting.

3 Visit Rotorua and soak in the hot pools and, in the evening, go to a Maori cultural show.


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