Rocky Mountain High: Rogers Pass, Golden and reaching Banff

Close to the US border and have my visa so next stop Montana

A Kiwi living in Brighton

Time flying by

Today it has been 37 days since we left England and it is a glorious sunny day in Lethbridge, Alberta. I have been a bit slow in writing blogs due to a lack of good wi-fi. I am writing this blog in two parts with the first up to our first stay in Banff. Since leaving the Okanagan two weeks ago we have travelled to Golden, Banff, Jasper and via Calgary to Lethbridge. A fantastic two weeks in the Rockies with incredible scenery wonderful sunshine, wolves, bears and some unexpected snowfalls which all made for great adventures. I also had a problem with having the wrong US visa which I will not bore you with but is now resolved.

Canyon Hot Springs

We started the trip travelling towards Golden stopping for the night at Canyon Hot Springs campground where we had a lovely soak in their hot…

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