Where to go and what to do in a five month trip around the USA?

One of the things on my list to do is to tell my in-laws where I want to go to in the USA. We arrive in Canada, Vancouver on August 11 and head up to Kelowna and then in early September begin travelling in the RV. I want to go to Jasper and via Banff, Calgary to the USA. I know I want to visit Yellowstone, Custer’s Last stand site, the mountain with the Presidents faces carved in it and then up towards Boston. We are going to Ontario visiting Niagara Falls and then head down to Miami or Tampa. This is where I struggle, where to go what to see, I have been to New York and Washington, DC and would like to see some of the history from the civil war and Independence war.

After Miami or Tampa we then head via New Orleans, Texas to LA with a deadline of reaching it by January 25th. I would appreciate any suggestions from local knowledge or websites, blogs which have done parts of this trip or suggestions. I have struggled to find information and been a bit overwhelmed. Look forward to any ideas or places to visit.


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