Where to stay and what to see in Malaysia?

I am curious and welcome any suggestions from people for places to see, stay and foods to try in Malaysia. We are staying on the mainland of Malaysia. The current plan is to arrive in Singapore in March 2015 and then travel to Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Cameroon Highlands and then head up towards Georgetown and Thailand. I am looking for interesting places to stay and sights off the main track to see.

Any suggestions of possible different routes or places to visit, stay would be greatly welcomed. I am going to ask this question for all the countries we are visiting. In terms of cost I am aiming to spend around US$60 a day for the two of us and we are in no hurry. Slow travel is my mantra.


One thought on “Where to stay and what to see in Malaysia?

  1. Perhentian Islands are gorgeous and off beaten track – we stayed on Little Perhentian and it was lovely- no power after 10pm at night. Cameroon Highlands were lovely (nice and cool after heat of Malaysia). Lots of lovely places in Malaysia – didn’t spend anytime in KL though. Also went to Tioman Island which is the island in South Pacific (the movie) which was nice but not as good as Perhentian.

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