Hidden gems in British Columbia: A Journey from Vancouver to Chilliwack and Killarney Beach

2012 was a big year. It was my 50th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary of my in-laws and my father in-laws Joe 70th birthday. We made a decision to meet up in Canada and do a trip together with my brother and his future wife who had never been to Canada. Our first stop was Vancouver where we visited all the familiar haunts of Stanley Park, Lion Bridge, Gastown, Yaletown and the harbour front.

After Vancouver we took a bus up to Chilliwack a lake on the way to Kelowna and a lovely camp ground where there was even a 9 hole golf course. The lake offers lots of water based activities and there are some lovely walks. If your interested below is a link with more information about Chilliwack lake


After a few days we then headed up to Kelowna and the West side of Lake Okanagan with my in-laws in their RV the Dutch Flyer. Our destination was Killarney Beach where we stayed for a week chilling out and having a few parties to celebrate the milestones. It is a beautiful drive along the side of the lake and often vote one of the most dangerous. A few hairy bends but it is sealed all the way and has some beautiful spots to stop, in particular Fintry. If you get the chance it is a lovely drive.

Below is a website about Fintry it is part of a provincial park and you can camp there.


Have you been to Chilliwack and if you have what did you most enjoy?


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