The town of Beringe in Limburg

My father was from Beringe and ever since I was a kid growing up in Manurewa in New Zealand I had a fascination to see where he was born and eventually after leaving school at 15 I saved for a couple of years and booked a flight. Since 1979 I have visited and lived in the small town of Helden-Beringe in the southern Netherlands province of Limburg. I turned up at the age of 17 at Schiphol (which still looks the same today) at Xmas and had my first encounter with snow and lots of it. I ended up working at Limoveld a steel manufacturing factory for a couple of years. Broke my hand in an accident, experienced a couple of carnivals and developed a life long love for frikandel, herring and cycling. Since then I have been back and forth between New Zealand before finally settling in sunny Hove in South East England.

Beringe’s claims to fame is some of the best white asparagus in world, Napoleon’s canal ends at Beringe and every few years several other towns with the same name meet for the Beringe Games. I also have a lot of relatives living there including 3 aunts and 1 uncle and there sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. Last year I introduced my niece from New Zealand to Beringe.


My three aunts with me and my wife

My three aunts with me and my wife


The other Beringe's

The other Beringe’s

It is a great place to live and work. In summer the weather is beautiful and warm with lots of cycle tracks and the Peel national park nearby to explore. If you ever get the chance then do visit, this year I am doing a four-day cycle festival held annually and where you cycle sedately to cafes to eat cake and drink coffee. One year my wife and I introduced my aunts cyclist friends Pimms which went down a treat as it is not a common tipple in Holland. I will definitely be taking a bottle with me this year.



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